IZI Drive Dash Cam USB Hardwire Cable Kit for 24 Hour Parking Monitoring, Wiring Asseccories & 12 Feet Lenght , 12V-24V to 5V/2.5A, Low Voltage Protection, Fuse Adapter Easy Installation

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Unfortunately 14 Units left in stock!

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Parking Confidence: Advanced Parking Mode with instant G Sensor activation, Energy-Saving feature, and 24/7 surveillance powered directly from the battery or synchronized with the ignition wire

Exclusive Compatibility: Tailored for IZI Drive and Drive+ devices within the 12-24V voltage range, ensuring seamless integration.

Voltage Monitoring: Equipped with low voltage protection, cutting power if voltage falls below 11.6V (12V batteries) or 23.6V (24V batteries).

Optimal Length: 12ft output cable for versatile installation compatibility across various vehicles.

Effortless Installation: Features a mini USB fuse kit with a hidden permanent cable, streamlining the installation process.


1.Input voltage range: 12-24 volts; output: 5 volts at 2.5 amperes.
2.Operates using car battery power; ensure installation with the vehicle ignition OFF.
3.Proper installation requires correct electrical polarity and grounding for safety.
4.Incorrect connection may lead to vehicle battery discharge.
5.Failure to follow safety guidelines may void product warranty; damage not covered.
6.Use provided installation parts for warranty coverage and product safety.