IZI GO X Smartphone Gimbal Battery, 3200Mah Rechargeable Swappable - 8 -10 hrs Runtime, 2 hrs Charging Time - Battery Only

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Brand  IZI
Item Name  IZI GO X Battery
Item Part Number  IZI GO X
Battery Capacity  3200 Mah
Battery Content   Lithium Ion 



About this item

High-Capacity Power: The IZI GO X gimbal features a dedicated Lithium-ion battery with a robust 3200mAh capacity, providing extended operational time, ensuring you can capture your moments without frequent recharging.

Quick Recharge: With a fast 2-hour charging time, you can efficiently replenish the battery's power, minimizing downtime and allowing you to get back to creating smooth, stable footage with the gimbal within no time.

The working temperature Should not exceed working temperature under 60 c ( 140 f ) Avoid battery short circuit .

Do not dissemble , slam , strike or throw the battery into fire or water. Don' t use the battery if it is damaged or appears abnormal in any way .

Ensure battery polarity before inserting the battery, as it can cause damage to the battery