• Feb 05, 2024
Izi Mini X nano drone is equipped with GPS and GLONASS sensors that enable precise navigation and safe returns with one-tap control. This is useful in low battery or lost control scenarios. The drone offers 10+ flying modes that help in capturing a divers

IZI, an India-based tech brand focusing on technology and gadgets, has launched the IZI MINI X drone. The company claims it is India’s first  nano drone, weighing only 249 grams. The drone comes in two versions: Standalone for Rs 29,999 and Fly More Combo priced at Rs 37,999.

The IZI MINI X drone Standalone version has a 3-axis stabilized gimbal that enables you to capture comprehensive shots and a larger perspective. The CMOS sensor allows seamless video recording and 20MP (5120*3840) image capability. It has a range of 4 km for live video transmission, a maximum height of 120m (800m max), and a flight time of 31 minutes. It can achieve a speed of 16m/sec (58km/h). The precise navigation and return mode, utilizing GPS/GLONASS technology, enhance safety, providing one-tap control for low battery or lost control scenarios. Additionally, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Fly More Combo version includes all the features that the Standalone model has, and it also provides extra convenience as it comes with three batteries and a triple charging hub. This drone has a 4x  capability and an extended 93-minute flight time.

The IZI MINI X is an easy-to-operate drone for those who want to learn quickly and master it in no time. It has more than 10 flying modes that allow users to capture various shots easily. The remote can control these modes, providing a seamless aerial experience. Furthermore, the drone has an  card slot supporting up to 128  Class 100 UHS-1. You can also use the IZI Sky Eye  to remotely control the drone, take aerial photos and videos, adjust flight parameters, and use your mobile device as the primary monitor.

Ishan Haydn, the Founder of IZI, said, “At IZI, we prioritize the highest quality, implementing stringent testing protocols that cover durability, performance, and user experience. Valuing customer feedback as paramount, we actively incorporate insights to refine features and foster collaboration.”

IZI drones are versatile as they can operate on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. Additionally, the drones offer several photography modes, including Normal, Helix, Comet, Circle, Follow Me, Dronie, Rocket, Waypoint, Route Plan, and Panorama. The IZI MINI X drone is locally made in India but can be shipped worldwide. One can also take advantage of their 24/7 customer support. Other products in the IZI portfolio include an action camera, a smartphone gimbal, and a Dash Camera.


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