IZI ONE 5k Action Camera 1350 Mah Li-ion Rechargable and Replaceable Battery Exclusively for IZI One Action Camera

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Unfortunately 90 Units left in stock!

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  • Higher Capacity – Unleash your adventures with the IZI ONE action camera’s robust 1350mAh rechargeable battery, fueling endless moments with enduring power.


  • Higher Quality – A magnificent Lithium Ion masterpiece that dances with efficiency, durability, and the elegance of impeccable heat dissipation, ensuring a timeless, secure companion for your boundless adventures.


  • Premium Grade – IZI ONE action camera battery boasts a longer life, while the sacred mark atop guides your hand effortlessly, ensuring swift exchanges of energy, enabling your spirit to capture fleeting wonders with seamless grace.


  • Disclaimer – The battery is exclusive for IZI One Action camera it does not support any other device, Please contact IZI Customer Care at 9644344669 for technical support.